Moving to a new city can be hard but looking for a student job can be even harder. This is why Niall, our weekend receptionist at Collegiate Nova, has written this article covering everything you need to know!

I’ve needed to work throughout my three years at Nottingham Trent, but it’s often not so easy to separate yourself from the hundreds of other applicants, or to pass all the online tests that so many large organisations put in place for every application.

Luckily, our student accommodation in Nottingham is in the heart of a city filled with small, family run businesses and independent restaurants that I’ve found are much more concerned about your personality than your work experience. This makes Nottingham one of the best places to get a student job.

Pop in and say hi 

It seems old fashioned, but almost all of my student jobs in Nottingham have come through simply walking into a place I like the look of and having a chat with the owner or manager. Since our Nottingham Trent University accommodation is so well-placed for the city centre, it’s easy to have a wander and find places that interest you. Always carry around a few copies of your CV, (it might be worth having a few different versions tailored different kinds of job), always smile, be chatty, and be flexible with what hours you can work and what type of job you’re willing to do.

Manage your time

While it’s important to be flexible, it’s just as important to know what you can and can’t do. For example, if you’re like me and struggle to work late without it messing up your sleeping pattern, leaving you exhausted the next day – then avoid late night jobs such as nightclub work. Look at bars that close early, or restaurants and shops – there are plenty of amazing places to eat across the city of Nottingham! If you’re more of a night owl and enjoy the thrill of making cocktails, then have a look at Nottingham’s array of cool and quirky clubs and bars.


Assess your other options  

If that’s not really your cup of tea, then there are various job sites online that advertise student vacancies that come up in Nottingham. It’s also a good idea to sign up to your university’s employability service, as there are often many jobs within the uni cafés, stores and buildings that are exclusive to students. Generally, I’ve found my lecturers and fellow student supportive when job hunting, and this helps makes Nottingham a great place to start your student life.


If you are moving to Nottingham for university this year, you also need to think about where to live. Our student accommodation in Nottingham, Collegiate Nova by Prima Vidae offers you a warm and welcoming uni home in the heart of the city so you will never be too far away from your student job!