Ipswich is an area steeped in culture. Holding the title of the oldest Anglo-Saxon town in England, the town has a rich heritage and a proud history. With nods to its history throughout the town’s centre, there’s something to stop and look at around every corner.

If you’re thinking of making the move to this wonderful place – and you’ve checked out our exceptional student accommodation in Ipswich – then we’ve got you covered with our top 5 favourite reasons to love this town’s history.

Notable figures

Suffolk’s county town was granted a royal charter in 1200 and has been closely linked with the discovery of the New World. Infamous historical figures such as Cardinal Wolsey and Charles Dickens have also been linked to the town. Other notable residents of Ipswich include Tudor Cardinal & Henry VIII’s closest political ally Thomas Wolsey as well as the portrait and landscape painter Thomas Gainsborough whose works can be found in the Christchurch Mansion art gallery.


Buildings to match

Ipswich’s buildings match its illustrious past. The glorious Tudor Christchurch Mansion is set in a beautiful park close to the town centre, which is easily accessible from our Suffolk University accommodation. Home to 500 years of history, its walls have seen the likes of the Tudor, Georgian and Victorian eras. The mansion is now a free museum housing period rooms and a stunning art gallery, home to the most significant collection of John Constable paintings outside of London.

Covering a wide spectrum of architectural periods, this quaint town has some exquisite examples of early timber-framed buildings and a number of Tudor and Elizabethan structures interlaced with modern architectural offerings.


Not far from the Christchurch Mansion you’ll find Ipswich Museum, home to ‘Wool-I-Am’, a replica of a mammoth and ‘Rosie’ the stuffed rhino who have ‘lived’ in the museum for many years, as well as thousands of years of history brought back to Ipswich by generations of explorers and collectors. You can even step back in time to when Ipswich was a vast area of grassland and follow the town’s story through the Bronze and Iron Age all the way to the world wars and the modern age.

Literary classics

Perhaps most notably we have Geoffrey Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales. Known as the ‘Father of English literature’ and the first poet ever to be buried in Poets’ Corner of Westminster Abbey, Chaucer parodied the merchants of Ipswich in this renowned, literary classic. One of the greatest novelists of the Victorian era, Charles Dickens also stayed in Ipswich in 1835, using the town as a setting for scenes in his first novel The Pickwick Papers.

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