What better way to discover Cheltenham than to visit some of its best things to do! Cheltenham is an incredibly interesting city for students, and the city’s increasing popularity has bought many fun activities for students to enjoy. We have compiled a quick-fire guide to a variety of the best student hot spots in Cheltenham that we hope everyone can enjoy!


1. Mr Mulligan’s

Our first thing to do is to visit Mr Mulligans Lost World Golf, Cheltenham’s best indoor adventure golf attraction. Choose between the 2 courses available and then game on!

Mr Mulligan’s Website
Distance from Shaftesbury Hall – 9-minute walk


2. Creams Café 

If you’re in need of a sugar fix, Creams Café at The Brewery Quarter is perfect for those with a super sweet tooth! The venue stocks delicious waffles, ice cream sundaes, crepes, cakes and hot chocolate – all covered in deliciously indulgent toppings.

Cream’s Cafe Website
Distance from Shaftesbury Hall – 10-minute walk


3. The Cosy Club

If you’re looking for a cool place to grab brunch, or even just a cocktail as you watch the world go by, The Cosy Club is the ideal student spot. Cosy Club is just one of many amazing pubs and bars in Cheltenham.

The Cosy Club Website 
Distance from Shaftesbury Hall – 10-minute walk


4. The Botanist

Cheltenham’s student’s are spoilt for choice when it comes to fun pubs and bars. Visit the home of the coolest cocktails in Cheltenham, the Botanist takes you into the stylish world of a plant loving scientist.


The Botanist Website
Distance from Shaftesbury Hall – 9-minute walk