Last weekend, Cheltenham held its annual Paint Festival. Every year, some of the world’s best street artists come together and turn Cheltenham’s blank spaces into masterpieces.

Featuring around 130 different artists over a 4 mile walk, covering 25 different locations this is a day out that should not go amiss.

How does it work? 

This year, the festival took place between 4th and 7th of September 2020 – but do not worry, you have not missed out. These works of art will stay up throughout the year for you to enjoy. All you need to do is visit the Cheltenham Paint Festival website and download the map, this shows you where all the hot spots are and also lets you know what it is called.

Whats more is that this is located in the centre of town, a 5 minute walk from Collegiate’s Shaftesbury Hall!

Key Locations

The Brewery in Cheltenham is the home to the literary masterpiece created by the headliner of the paint festival, Zabou. This is also home to the doodle wall where you can go and show off your own artistic talents! William’s cycles is another of the key locations to make sure you visit, this houses the Irony piece (photographed on the right).

There are also many spaces throughout the city who do not only feature one piece of work but many such as the North Place Car Park, which houses around 31, and Honeybourne Line Tunnels and Bridges that house around 30.

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