Deciding where to study is a difficult decision, that is not only influenced by the university or the course; location is just as important. Every city has a unique personality, and it can be difficult to imagine what a city is actually like to live in from just a couple of visits on open days.

So, here at Collegiate we have been travelling the UK to bring you the most important information about these university cities. In this post, we highlight the city of Nottingham, a well-rounded, busy location that offers everything from museums to libraries, and fabulous restaurants.

Whether you have decided to head off to Nottingham, or you are still researching universities and cities, this handy list of top five attractions will give you an idea of the type of places you can expect to find.

Remember, once you move in, your university will also be on hand to help you settle in at your new home. However, we think our list of attractions will set you off in the right direction as you start to explore one of the UK’s best loved regions.

Nottingham Castle

Nottingham Castle may sound like the obvious choice when searching for the best Nottingham attractions, but this fascinating part of the city is the perfect place to begin your explorations. The grounds are absolutely stunning and there is so much history to explore you may even need more than one day, ideal for any curious student who is new to the area.

Here you can enjoy panoramic views of the entire city, see a grand statue of Nottingham’s favourite son Robin Hood, and learn all about a city that is steeped in Olde English history. The accompanying Museum of Nottingham can usually be accessed using your student card, which at only £4 is incredible value for money.

Nottingham’s City of Caves

The City of Caves is a quirkier, more unusual location to visit in Nottingham, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t fascinating. Not many people realise that the city was built on a network of intricate sandstone caves and that these are still intact, allowing tourists and locals alike to enjoy them in all their glory.

This archaeological wonder starts underneath the city’s Broadmarsh Shopping Centre, and includes actor-led tours, and an audio guide, to ensure you don’t miss out on any of the history that lies beneath Nottingham’s ancient streets.

The Galleries of Justice Museum can also be found at the City Of Caves and costs just £5.50 for students, another deal for anyone new to the city searching for the best of Nottingham.

Nottingham Cathedral

One of the nation’s hubs in medieval times, it isn’t really surprising that many of the things to do in Nottingham are built around this fine legacy. Perhaps the most intriguing of these is Nottingham’s Cathedral, which has been visited by tourists from across the world for nearly two centuries.

The building in its current form has been there since the 1800’s but the site has been a place of worship since Nottingham’s early days as a market town.

The architectural design within is stunning, and as with most attractions of this kind, admission is free provided you make a nominal donation to the church itself. It’s a small price to pay for one of Nottingham’s most sought-after attractions. A majestic landmark, it is a perfect place to visit if you are interested in history, or photography.

Trent Bridge Cricket Ground

Another unusual location, Nottinghamshire County Cricket Club is one of the most revered in the country and regularly participate in One Day Cups, the County Championship and Twenty20’s, which are edge of the seat affairs that are over fairly quickly. Ideal for anyone who isn’t a routine cricket watcher or fan.

The ground also hosts England on a regular basis, so you could even catch an Ashes encounter or a match against some of the finest players on the globe. So, when your studies are complete in the summer, a trip to Trent Bridge could be the perfect way to wind down and relax.

Prices will range quite a lot depending on who and what you are watching, but you can find out more at the Trent Bridge website.

The Nottingham Playhouse

If you enjoy theatre or dance, then the Nottingham Playhouse is the perfect place to visit, due to the fact that it is regularly described as a world-class venue by critics – and is just around the corner from our Nottingham Trent University accommodation.

It has led the way in terms of UK theatre since it opened just after the Second World War and looks beautiful, especially at night, due to its modern décor design.

Prices again vary a great deal at the Playhouse depending on the production in question, but you can check what is currently being performed by visiting their website. The Playhouse is the ideal Nottingham attraction for English students, and some of the very best talent can be found there all year round.

Keep Up to Date

The fine city of Nottingham has a diverse range of attractions for students to enjoy throughout the academic year. As you get to know your new surroundings you will no doubt find more and more to satisfy your thirst for knowledge and of course, enjoyment.

If you have chosen to study in Nottingham and are searching for a way to keep up to date with the latest news, the online hub Experience Nottinghamshire is a great resource for you to take advantage of. It is regularly updated and includes all the current news and events, from upcoming festivals to new restaurants to try.


If you are interested in other cities why not search through our blog for other city guides? Or, if you are interested in becoming a Nottingham student, have a browse through our student accommodation in Nottingham