When it comes to forms of exercise that are easy to work into your daily routine, it is hard to find one more enjoyable and effective than cycling.

Cycling, as both a hobby and a method of getting from A to B, is increasing in popularity among students, and can have a positive impact on our health, not to mention our grades, as cycling boosts blood flow and increases oxygen to the brain and fires and regenerates receptors.

Add to this the fact that one of the key cycling benefits is that it reduces your carbon footprint, and in doing so positively impacts the environment, and you have a method of transport that really is a no brainer.

As part of our commitment to student wellbeing here at Collegiate, we have examined the various cycling benefits and researched how it can boost your psyche and your appearance as you head into your next period of study.

Key Cycling Benefits:

Social Life

Cycling can significantly improve your physical and mental wellbeing when at university in all areas, even in your social life. With your bike stored safely on site, you don’t have to worry about transport, just head out on a bike to meet your friends. You could even sign up to cycling groups and expand your social network.

It is also much faster than driving round a busy city, so you won’t miss out on the beginning of those events because you’re sitting in traffic, or waiting for a truck to pull out.


As a student, the chances are that you aren’t too worried about your long-term health quite yet, but that doesn’t mean the long-term health benefits of cycling should be ignored.

By starting to get into the habit of cycling now, you can lower the chances of a wide range of conditions later in life from strokes and heart disease to cancer and arthritis. The chances are that if you take up cycling at university and get into the habit of getting from A to B now, you will continue this well into your thirties and forties when keeping fit and healthy can be far more difficult. It is also soft on the joints unlike running, which will help prevent joint problems later in life.

Mind Set

Just as important to maintaining a student’s wellbeing as physical health, is undoubtedly, mental health. You need to be at your cognitive peak when studying for what are likely to be the most important qualifications of your life and exercise is the most effective way to give this a regular boost.

Getting yourself to the gym or indeed shelling out for a monthly subscription on top of your other expenditures may not feel like the prudent move, but by cycling around town to campus, work and even to the shops or to your friends’ house can give you the serotonin and physical shot in the arm you are looking for.

You will be surprised at what just 20 minutes of cycling around town a day will do to your state of mind, especially if you combine this with a healthy diet and plenty of good quality sleep.

Motivating You To Do Other Exercise

If your new cycling regime gets you in the mood to get fitter whilst at university. You can really take advantage of the positive effect this has on your studies and general state of mental wellbeing. There are some other things you can try to work into your daily regime such as football, running, netball, hockey and swimming.

Some of these may seem obvious but by ensuring that you do a couple of these even just a few times a week, you may well see a marked improvement in your grades and of course, your general happiness.

Leads To A Better Diet

Whilst cycling you’ll find you start to crave more fruit and vegetables to keep your body running at tip top shape. There are lots of modern new smoothie makers on the market these days, and these can really transform your diet and contribute to a healthy lifestyle. Healthy smoothies every day can complement your daily cycle or run. You can find a selection of the best ones online. It is best to ensure you aren’t consuming too many calories but you are instead squeezing in as many of the all-important vitamins and minerals as possible.

Wanting To Exercise Whenever You Can

It isn’t just cycling around town that can help you to achieve the healthy lifestyle that can give your studies and wellbeing the boost you are looking for. Many people fall out of shape at university and of course later in life.

We have on-site gyms that are fully equipped with all of the weights and cardio machines one could need. Having a gym on-site means you don’t have to travel far to burn off a few calories and help build your natural fitness level. This is particularly useful if you are short of time but need to squeeze in some exercise before lectures or before you go out with friends for the evening.

Doing exercise in your living room, bedroom, or your private on-site gym (if you live in one of our student accommodation sites around the UK) is a great form of exercise and can actually boost your mood as well as keep you fit.

In the short-term however, you can use the best mode of transport at university, cycling! As discussed earlier it has a wide array of benefits, from your mental and physical wellbeing, to reducing your environmental footprint. Getting a bike should be a top priority whilst at university. We have secure bike storage at most of our sites. So you can rest assured your bicycle is safe and sound at night.

If you would like to discuss where you can park your bike safely at Collegiate or you’d like to enquire about any of the luxury student accommodation we have available at Collegiate, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team – either via our contact page or on +44 (0) 1235 833 642.