As yet another New Year’s Eve draws ever closer, you will no doubt be planning what is likely to be one of the biggest parties of your year.

Given the extra break students are given following their New Year’s soirees, you may decide to go that extra mile and celebrate in some of Europe’s, or even perhaps another of the world’s, more exotic or intriguing locations.

With this in mind, the Collegiate team have chosen to end a year of fantastic student news and advice articles, with something a little more light-hearted. So, below you will find our list of the top five cities to visit and celebrate the New Year. See 2018 in with a true night to remember.

The 5 Best Places To Go For New Year’s Eve

There is of course a wide range of locations around the continent to visit, but these are our top five based on our years of experience in the student sector.


Our list of places to go for New Year’s starts with Berlin, the capital of one of Europe’s top tourist destinations, Germany. The city has gone through many changes over the years but is currently one of the most vibrant, bohemian and liberal cities you can find, making it a haven for cultural-minded students, ready to experience a friendly city.

Berlin has many lively areas and also boasts what is regarded to be one of the best nightclubs in the world, in the form of Bergheim. Notoriously difficult to get into but why not give it go? Find some advice on managing to gain entry here.

If you are looking for a more relaxed vibe in Berlin, there is plenty to do. If you are looking for a place to enjoy a few fine beers and in the company of like-minded academics, then we suggest you check out Kreuzberg, filled with galleries, parks and nightlife


If cold weather doesn’t bother you, or you are on the hunt for some festive snow to make your New Year’s Eve celebrations more special, then Prague could be perfect for you.

Czech Republic’s proud capital hosts one of the continent’s biggest and best New Year’s Eve events, all with the backdrop of the Old Town Square and Charles Bridge.

The Christmas Market stalls are likely to still be out in force for the turn of the year too, so you can get some final festive vibes in before you return to university and start 2018. There are also fireworks. Lots and lots of fireworks.


Again, perhaps not the best choice for anyone not fond of the cold but Iceland’s capital has quickly become one of the top destinations for UK students searching for something a little different when looking for places to go for the New Year.

In a similar fashion to Prague, you are quite likely to enjoy some snow when in Reykjavik. The city’s location is one of the very best in the world for seeing the Northern Lights, one of the main reasons that so many tourists flock to the region.

Don’t think that is all the city has to offer though, as the Icelandic love to throw a party. Reykjavik certainly isn’t the cheapest option on our list of New Year’s destinations but we think you will find all it has to offer well worth the investment, just be sure to pack your thermals.


If none of the above locations seem like your cup of tea and you fancy something a bit warmer for your New Year’s Eve, then Lisbon is undoubtedly our top pick.

Due to its location towards the bottom of Portugal, the temperature rarely drops below thirty degrees at any time of the year. But perhaps the best reasons for picking Lisbon are the people. The Portuguese love to celebrate, especially at New Year and areas such as Bairro Alto offer a virtually unrivalled nightlife, making it a no brainer for students looking for places to go at New Year!



Finally, we decided we had to include a UK destination just in case you aren’t planning to jet off around the world for New Year. We often take London for granted as it on our doorstep, but it isn’t regarded as one of the best cities for a party in the world for no reason

We probably don’t need to tell you the best areas in London for a night out, but the atmosphere in locations such as Shoreditch, Camden and of course west-end locations such as Covent Garden and Leicester Square attract visitors from all around the world. So why not head to our own fine capital for your New Year’s Eve celebrations!?

We hope this article helped you in your last minute New Year party prep. Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter and keep an eye on our blog for the latest updates about student life and our luxury student accommodation