Gloucester, like any city, is filled with special places that you must visit. The most obvious of these in Gloucester is the Quays and Docks.

Gloucester Quays and Docks are located in the heart of the city, and only a 15 minute walk from Collegiate’s student accommodation in Gloucester: Upper Quay House (part of the UNIVERSE.CITY collection).

Read on and find out everything you need to know!

The History of Gloucester Quays and Docks 

This ship canal opened in 1827 for large boats to bypass a windy section of the river Severn, this made it the one of the main transport waterways in this part of the country for larger boats such as barges, steam ships, narrow boats and sail boats.

It was also home to one of Gloucesters best and most famous engineering firms untill the 1990’s, Fielding and Platt. This company exported large amounts of hydraulic machinery around the world so was a key industry in its time.

Fun Fact – High Orchard Street shops and resturants are now located in the plot of the original Fielding and Platt buildings!

What is there now?

Gloucester Quays and Docks have been tranformed from the historic waterway into a beautiful shopping and resturant area. It also has two museums within walking distance of each other for those of you who love to know a little bit more on the city you live in.

The Quays have 11 different resturants and over 25 shops for you to enjoy and it also has its own cinema! You will never be lost without something to do or not being able to find what you need. There are also hundreds of shops located within walking distance heading back towards our Gloucester University accommodation.


There is always something going on here, from food and craft festivals to Christmas markets it has it all throughout the year. Due to COVID a lot of the events have had to be cancelled this year but normally food and drink festivals and the Tall Ships and Adventure festivals are a blast, showing off all the local talent and home made luxuries.

It also houses a large Christmas market every year which has sadly been delayed untill 2021.

Just down the road in Cheltenham you also have year round events that are a bus ride away, such as Cheltenham Horse Races and Cheltenham Paint Festival.

There are endless things to do here in Gloucester but if you ever need more inspiration then please reach out to our friendly site team at Upper Quay House, our student accommodation in Gloucester, and they will be able to help you. 

Gloucester student accommodation

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