If you have recently started studying in Cardiff or are perhaps looking at the location as your potential place of study during the forthcoming academic year, then you may be interested to learn what living in the city is like for students. As the proud capital of Wales and an ever improving academic region, more and more students flock to the city every year so read on to find out just why.

Just part of the Collegiate commitment to bringing students from across our European regions all the information they need to make an informed decision about their studies, this guide to Cardiff should act as the perfect start to your research.

Studying in Cardiff

So, why should you choose Cardiff as your place of study? As any current or former alumni will tell you, the city and perhaps more crucially, it’s university offers everything an intellectual should be looking for. The range of degree courses is extensive and the career prospects these provide should set you up no matter which sector you are looking to break into when you leave.

As is the case with many institutions these days, the degree structure are also really flexible allowing you to combine your education with part time work or other commitments in your life. Cardiff University is also perfect for anyone looking into teaching as their career path as they offer almost unrivalled experience and insight. You can find out more about all of these opportunities by heading to the dedicated resource at the university’s website.

Living in Cardiff as a Student

Aside from the excellent standard of academia, there are also loads of social and lifestyle reasons for choosing Wales and your place of study.

One of the main things to do in Cardiff is to immerse yourself in the city’s vast history and heritage. The Welsh are proud of their nation and rightly so, and nowhere really encapsulates this more than the capital city, which becomes more and more vibrant and thriving all the time. There are of course the gorgeous valleys as you travel out of the city, but the city is also crammed with charm and intriguing days out for you to learn about all it is to be Welsh.