As you will no doubt be well aware if you are heading into your final year of university, your success will largely depend on how you fare during the all-important final year. Although this can be a lot of pressure to deal with, there are some handy tips and tricks that can help to guide you through what can be an intense time for many students.


Gain momentum early

The biggest danger you face during the final year of your degree, is procrastination. We’ve all been there in a range of situations in our lives, believing things can wait until tomorrow especially if it’s a task we don’t particularly want to do. Start everything as early as you can and you will give yourself a much needed head start, this should ensure your final semester is a bit less hectic and your results are bound to see the benefit.



Plan effectively

Linked to this is of course, planning. When looking to get started, you need to have a plan of action and not just wildly doing bits and pieces of work all over the place. For instance, a stress free dissertation should be pragmatically planned out with your tutor so you know exactly what needs to be done and when. Set yourself a plan for the year and stick to it, and everything else should be pretty easy.



Use University facilities wisely

Your university’s facilities such as its library and computers are there for a reason, so be sure to utilise them. Many students try to study and revise at home as much as they can but you are more likely to make progress on campus where you have access to all of these facilities and also your tutors and lecturers.

Look good, feel good

We have spoken about the benefits of eating well and exercising before at Collegiate and it is one of the key ways you can give yourself an excellent chance of making your final year at university a resounding success. Although you will be busy with your studies, finding some time to buy nutritional food and work out could give you the cognitive boost you need, this will make studying all the easier.

Reward yourself

One of the most common mistakes we see here at Collegiate, is students trying to work too hard in intense periods and burning out. This isn’t sensible and can actually be counterproductive, as there is actually only so much your brain can take in at one time. Be sure to reward yourself with the odd night out, a trip to the cinema or just time in front of the telly with your friends especially if you have been working particularly hard.

Manage your finances

The last thing you need during your final year at university, is money worries. If you are spending long hours in the library or writing essays then concerns about financial matters just won’t help so try your very best to keep things in order during the first part of the year. This may be easier said than done, but will really help you to stay focused.

Invest in quality accommodation

Out last piece of advice every final year student should bear in mind, is making sure your surroundings are suitable. By investing in luxury student accommodation such as the properties we have available here at Collegiate, you will be able to rest assured in terms of comfort, security and of course, facilities. From our study rooms and super stable wi-fi, to our fitness facilities,  Collegiate residences will allow you to get on with the things that matter during your final year with a great peace of mind.