Using the Easter break productively

For many students, it can be tempting to do little other than relax during a university break.  The stresses of course deadlines can be exhausting, and whilst the thought of long lie ins and delicious home cooked food might sound like heaven, it is worth using the time productively and expanding your CV.

It’s for this reason that students are urged to make sure their holidays are as productive as possible. While you should, of course, ensure you rest after a hard academic year, making the most of your Easter Break can separate you from the pack.

With so many Easter holiday activities available for students to enjoy during their break, and up to four weeks free to enjoy them, choosing an itinerary isn’t difficult. To make it even easier, the team at Collegiate has put together a list of our favourite Easter holiday ideas for you to browse at your leisure.

Try volunteering

The Easter holiday is the perfect time to give something back to the community and is a great way to explore your interests whilst enhancing your CV.  There are countless volunteering opportunities around the country with websites like V Inspired and Do-it making it easy to find out what is going on in your local area.

If you’re interested in industries like marketing, IT or law might find volunteering during the Easter break helpful, allowing you to hone in on specific skills and prepare you for a job after your degree. There are plenty of charitable companies you can volunteer at which don’t require you to commit a lot of free time, such as dog-walking, mentoring and conservation work.

Explore the country

With up to four weeks off, the Easter break is the ideal time for students to travel.  With so much time you could even go somewhere exotic, but if you wish to stay closer to home, there is also a range of Easter holiday destinations across the UK to keep you entertained.

London and Edinburgh make for excellent city breaks, both with many activities available over the Easter holiday to keep you busy. Cornwall, Brighton and coastal towns in Wales all make for the perfect holiday destination to enjoy sea and sand close to home.

For cheaper travel during the Easter holiday, students can benefit from the 16-25 railcard which offers a third off rail fares across the country.

Spring cleaning

Whilst spring cleaning might not sound like the most fun of Easter holiday activities, having a clear out at your university address or back home offers benefits. The long break could be the perfect opportunity to unearth your old things and find the unwanted belongings that might earn you some extra cash.

Websites like eBay and Music Magpie make it easy to sell your old things for cash but if you want to take it old school, why not try a car boot sale with your friends or family and enjoy your time away from the rigours of student life.


Often students will have exams to tackle after the Easter break so it is important to spend some of the holiday revising.  The long break offers you a chance to get ahead of work, go over feedback from tutors and read some of the books in your reading list to spur you ahead in your studies.

Although this may not sound like the most attractive of propositions, you can at least do it with some home comforts or perhaps even from a sun lounger if you go on an Easter holiday.

Get active

The student diet isn’t always the healthiest and with exams and assessments eating away your time, you might find that you have little time to exercise during term time.  During the Easter break, you could join a sports club or gym to enjoy some of the sports you might be missing when at university.

For those of you who enjoy the great outdoors, the UK has a wealth of cycle and walking routes where you can enjoy the beautiful landscapes the country has to offer and they make for the perfect family activity if you’re headed home for the Easter break.

Make memories

Let’s not forget that the Easter holiday is a time to catch up with family and old friends. Meet up with friends you might not have seen for months and take time to enjoy activities you might not do at university. Why not visit a museum, or go to the theatre?

In short, fill your Easter holiday with plans both rewarding and fun, as well as spending some time catching up on old box sets and no doubt you will go back to university knowing you’ve made the most of your long break and ready to attack the last semester!