In the first of a series of festive guides we’re bringing to you throughout December, we take a break from our usual topical and academic news to highlight our luxury accommodation offers. Discover just what makes Collegiate AC’s student accommodation some of the best available in the United Kingdom and Europe.

With new properties popping up all the time in locations as diverse as London, Portugal and even Madrid, we offer some of the most comprehensive and modern places to live during one of the most important and enjoyable periods of your life.

Collegiate accommodation: Our locations

The vast majority of the Collegiate team are former students. We have researched cities and universities across the UK. It is easy to find a location in the UK with academic reputation where you can make your student home with Collegiate.

Our newest sites can be found in Valencia, Madrid, Exeter, Bournemouth, Reading and many more, which you can view here at our luxury student accommodation page. Our sites include the finest and most convenient locations for our luxury student accommodation.

Quality, security & value

Aside from our great locations here at Collegiate, we have three core values which we take very seriously: quality, security and value. These three principles not only ensure you have some of the best years of your life as a student, but also give your loved ones peace of mind.

Despite being a sophisticated student accommodation option, our properties are excellent value given their luxurious nature. Security in also an important factor for Collegiate ensuring that you will always feel safe and your family and friends will feel reassured whilst you are away at university, wherever that may be.

Unrivalled facilities

We know that alongside your living conditions and wellbeing whilst at university, you also need all the facilities required to fulfil your potential and achieve the degree you deserve.With this in mind, we always ensure that Collegiate student accommodation is equipped with the very latest broadband as well as gyms, quiet rooms for studying and even cinemas. These benefits help you to enjoy the time you spend at your student home just as much as you do whilst out exploring your new city.

Perfect for international students

Whether you are a UK based student looking to stay in one of our aforementioned locations across Europe, or a foreign-based student exploring their options here in the UK, our facilities are simply perfect.

Moving to a new part of the world can be very daunting for even the most extrovert of students. All of the benefits we have mentioned allows us to make the move as simplistic as possible, allowing you to concentrate on the more important side of university life and getting used to your new surroundings.

As an extra value-add, we have on-site teams who can take care of any needs, and answer any questions you may have when moving to your new student home. From opening the right bank account to the best places to get a nice meal; the Collegiate student accommodation team is always at hand making your time away from home comfortable and fun.

Collegiate student accommodation: The natural choice

Having read this guide to Collegiate student accommodation, we hope you see just why we have some of the best spaces available in the UK and around Europe.

Why not leave all the worry and apprehension about moving away to study, and simply opt for luxury student accommodation that you can rely on? Read our testimonial below to see why we have such a great reputation.

“Staying in one of Collegiate’s apartments took all the worry out of moving to a new city – they made everything feel so easy, but reassuringly secure, and with an in-house cinema, gym and common rooms, it made relaxing and making friends easier too.”  – A Collegiate AC tenant

If you wish to learn more about our various locations our website has a range of other information with dedicated location pages to news, articles and guides just like this one, so be sure to take a good look around. And don’t forget to follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.