The run-up to getting your university place is often a hectic one. The stress of exams, finishing school, packing all those social engagements you haven’t had time for into the first few weeks of the summer holidays, possibly going through Clearing… Then suddenly it becomes a waiting game. The summer stretches out before you, with university on the horizon, getting closer day by day.

As well as excitement about going to uni, it’s normal to feel a little nervous too. For most students, university means moving to a new city, with people they don’t know and attending lectures in buildings they’re unfamiliar with. Add into that the responsibilities of living on your own for the first time and the pre-uni nerves can certainly kick in.

But don’t fret. To help ease you through the run-up to university life, here are some top tips for beating those pre-uni nerves.

1. Visit your university city a few times

Over the summer months, spend time in your university city with friends and family. You’ll become more confident in your surroundings and will arrive at uni armed with useful knowledge about some of the city’s best places to eat, drink and shop. If you live too far away to visit, then read about the city online, browse through guide books and check it out on Google Maps to get a feel for the place.

2. Choose the right accommodation

Opt for student accommodation that has been designed to provide you with great spaces for socialising, such as our lovely Plummer House student accommodation in Newcastle. You won’t need to worry about feeling lonely or making friends when you’ve got a games room, residents’ club lounge and bar, on-site cinema and private gym to hang out and socialise in. Arrange a visit before term starts if possible, to familiarise yourself and reduce any nerves about the unknown.

3. Pick lifestyle services to help you settle in

If the thought of having to buy everything from towels to crockery is playing on your mind, then make sure you choose a student accommodation option that offers lifestyle services to take care of this for you. Cleaning services can also be a great way to help you settle in without feeling overwhelmed by all of your new responsibilities.

4. Get cooking

If you’re not confident in the kitchen then use the long summer break to brush up on your basic skills. You don’t need to be able to produce gourmet dishes, but learning a few simple, tasty pasta recipes will definitely benefit you when you arrive at uni and suddenly have to feed yourself for months on end. They will also give you the option of cooking dinner for your new friends, should the mood take you.

5. Plan your activities

One of the great parts of university life is the number of clubs and societies available to join. Spend some time looking into what’s available at your chosen uni and think about which you would like to join. Whether you’re passionate about sports, want to pursue your amateur dramatics career or planning to do charity work while studying, there will be group available that both meet your interests and allow you to get to know like-minded individuals.

6. Keep busy

Finally, be sure to keep busy over the summer months. Once term starts you’ll be up to your eyes in lectures, essays and reading, so make the most of the summer both to enjoy your freedom and to distract you from any lingering nerves.

If you’re still looking for accommodation in your new university city, check out Collegiate’s student accommodation around the UK!

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