It’s a known fact that students do not have the most money to spend on day events on the weekend or in free periods but there are tonnes of things to do for free!

Edinburgh is full of things for students to enjoy at no cost, read on to find out more about what you can get up to in this wonderful city!

Mons Meg

Ships in the Firth of Forth once set their maritime clocks by the One O’Clock Gun. The firing of the gun dates back to 1861, when businessman John Hewitt brought the idea to Edinburgh from Paris. The original gun was 64-pounds! Since 2001, a 105mm field gun has instead been fired from the Mills Mount Battery.

The gun is still fired every day at 1pm, except on Sundays, Good Friday and Christmas Day at Edinburgh Castle! Crowds gather to enjoy the spectacle and the sound often surprises people on Princes Street below.

The Water of Leith 

Another key favourite of Edinburgh students is The Water of Leith walkway which passes through many areas of interest including: Colinton Village and Dell, Saughton Winter Gardens, Murrayfield Stadium, Dean Village, the Royal Botanic Garden and Leith. The walkway is a delightful afternoon’s stroll, away from the hustle and bustle of the city. The route is suitable for cycling and even by horseback!

Because of the nature of the Walkway winding through the heart of our city, you can choose to join it and leave it at lots of places up and down the river, linking with other paths, cycle routes, the canal and Pentland Hills.

Pentland Hills Regional Park  

Do you want to get out of the city and away from studying? Then take in the fresh air and open spaces of the Pentland Hills Regional Park in the south-west of Edinburgh. With arguably the best views of the city and beyond, it’s well worth a visit. With a 100km interlinked walkway, there are many different paths to follow – from gentle strolls to more strenuous hikes.

Arthurs Seat

If you are looking for something for a little more challenging Arthur’s Seat is a must, an ancient volcano which sits 251m above sea level giving a stunning view of the city; it is also the site of a large and well-preserved fort. Salisbury Crags – a series of 150 foot cliff which faces our dominating Edinburgh’s skyline and across to Fife.

National Museum of Scotland’s Roof Terrace  

If you’re still looking for stunning views of the city after Arthur’s Seat, try the National Museum of Scotland roof terrace for panoramic views of the city! Plus, you can look around the artefacts for free afterwards for a full day out! A favourite of many students in Edinburgh.



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