If you cast your mind back to the days before your initial university application you may remember your very first curriculum vitae and personal statement. It will of course, have developed significantly since then and as you enter your final year of study the time may well have come for you to start thinking about your graduate CV.

Your graduate CV is one of the most crucial documents you will ever write due to the importance of your first move once your studies have concluded. So be sure to take heed of our graduate CV tips to ensure you fulfil your potential after university.

Creating a Killer Graduate CV

Due to the fact that your graduate CV should be specific to your degree and experience, there isn’t really a strict formula every single student can follow to guarantee success. However, here is what you should consider when constructing your CV to ensure you are presenting your skills in the most effective way.

Graduate CV Top Tips

Here are Collegiate’s top tips about updating your graduate CV:

Graduate CV: Things to Avoid

Our top tips for things to avoid when putting your leavers CV together are:

Presenting Your Graduate CV

You now have our top tips and perhaps more crucially what not to add to your graduate CV. But what about putting the document together?

So, to finish, here are the Collegiate tips for presenting your CV in the best possible way:

Follow these tips when putting your first graduate CV together and we are confident you will have the greatest possible success in securing your interviews.

There are some templates available online that some candidates find useful but you need to be wary of the fact that other candidates may have used these and you run the risk of losing that individuality some employers will be looking for.

Remember that recruiters and HR departments will read dozens of CV’s on a daily basis, so try to ensure yours stands out for the right reasons. If you are thinking about creating a CV that’s got the extra wow factor, have a browse through Buzzfeed’s list of creative CV’s.

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