When the going gets tough at University, which it can do- especially during exam season, one of the biggest problems faced by students can be feeling homesick, especially if you are under pressure. This can result in you not being as focused as you should be during this all-important period.

A fantastic life hack we have learnt here at Collegiate, rated by our students who have lived in our luxury student accommodation, is to make sure that your apartment feels as much like home as possible. This may sound like a fairly trivial solution to a far larger problem, but you will be shocked to discover just how much sprucing your luxury student homes up will have on your psyche – and your overall willingness to study.

In our latest guide, we give you our top four tips on how to make your student accommodation feel like home and the best ways to go about transforming your student apartments.

Start With The Bedroom

Let’s face it, other than the family living room, the place you are going to miss the most is your bedroom, so why not ensure you have all your favourite bedsheets and linen with you at university?

Although you may well have been provided with sufficient linen when you moved into your halls of residence, having your own sheets can remind you of home. Here at collegiate, we also provide beautifully designed bed linen amongst many other items that will make settling into your home a little easier. Even little touches like this can make you feel better when you are persevering with exam stress.

Head For The Garden Centre

Luxury student apartments such as those you can find here at the Collegiate site are just that –  luxury, however you could still do a little bit of soft furnishing yourself in order to ensure your pad feels like home. Why not check out these 10 ten tips for decorating your student accommodation?

A great way to do this is to head for the local garden centre and get some plants, whether this be for your communal areas or your bedroom. The chances are that back home you have a fair amount of these around the house, and they provide a fantastic ambience.

Also note that having plants around the home improves air quality, which may well come in handy if you fall into some student like habits. We thoroughly recommend getting some welcoming plants and flowers for your new home as this will undoubtedly give it that home-like feel and mean that your luxury student accommodation has that sophisticated, stylish finish.

Keep It Smelling Homely

Another sense, that always makes us all think of home, is smell. We all know that feeling of walking through the front door at home and just knowing unmistakably where we are. This can be something many students long for when coming to the end of a semester. You can recreate this feeling in luxury student homes and it may well be easier than you think.

These smells are usually created via cooking, fabric conditioners and air fresheners – usually a combination of the three. So why not ask your mum and dad exactly what they use at home and grab them from your local supermarket or store. You will then have your student house smelling just like home.

Of course, this may mean doing regular washing and cooking which may be quite new to you, but there’s no better time to start than at university. You can encourage these homely smells even further by acquiring some candles from your local town or market. These can provide that smell you are looking for as well as some ambience for any room in your student accommodation.

Wall Art

If after sorting your linens, plants and the home-like freshness you are still missing something, why not finish things off nicely with some art?

These could be a portrait, piece of classic art or even just a silly photo or canvas from home you miss seeing when you walk through the door. There is no reason why you can’t get the very same thing for your student accommodation. Again, you can simply ask your folks at home where it came from and pick it up yourself very easily, or drop the required hints to have this sent to you at university post-haste.

Between getting your bedroom feeling just like home with the same scents you are used to, and placing some awesome plants and artwork around your new luxury student apartment, we think you will end up feeling immeasurably more comfortable and content in no time and have somewhere you can really be proud to live whilst at university.

If you need any more student advice whatsoever, we have an arsenal of handy guides just like this one right here at the Collegiate site so be sure to take a good look through. You can also see some of the incredible student accommodation we have all around the UK and beyond by perusing our map.