The Numbeo Quality of Life Index 2016 Mid Year results have just been published and Edinburgh has taken fifth place for quality of life, not just in the UK but out of cities across the world.

The Numbeo ranking is based on safety, pollution, cost of living, healthcare, climate and a range of other factors. The latest results show that only Canberra, Adelaide and Melbourne in Australia and Wellington in New Zealand offer a better quality of life than Edinburgh.

The ranking means that those of you studying in Edinburgh this year can enjoy the best quality of life in the UK. And in Europe. In fact, you’d have to travel around 9,500 miles to live somewhere with a better quality of life than Edinburgh!

A city with such a world-class reputation deserves student accommodation to match, so that’s precisely what we’ve provided at McDonald Road. Stylish décor and outstanding service combined to make this one of the best quality student lifestyles on offer in the city. Your home at McDonald Road comes with en-suite facilities, a fully equipped kitchen and your own private desk for private study. There’s a stylish common room for relaxing with friends and an on-site management team to help with day to day life admin, like signing for deliveries and booking cabs.

The city’s other super-stylish option is Gateway Apartments, which won the ‘Best Residential Scheme in Scotland’ when it opened in 2014. As well as a friendly on-site team who are dedicated to providing you with a superior level of service, Gateway Apartments is home to a private gym, and on-site cinema, work rooms and a lively common room.

You’ve already chosen to study in one of the best quality cities in the world. Now it’s time to choose the high quality accommodation to match!

For further information, feel free to contact our accommodation teams who are happy to answer your questions.