University can be a tumultuous period for many and often, three years or even more can whizz by before you know it. With so much going on, from your all-important studies to your personal life and your job; student discipline is an art that not everyone masters straight away – and understandably so.

Although getting this right is easier said than done, there are some common things that Collegiate students tend to say they regret the most. So, with no further ado we decided to put the top five into this handy guide so you can get a great peace of mind when it comes to getting university discipline spot on.

University Attendance

The first one may be abundantly obvious but it is still the number one regret the majority of students have after finishing their degree course. If you have gone to university straight from school or college then adjusting to seminars and lectures can be tricky at first and it’s very much a case of developing some student discipline.

Unlike school, you won’t have parents or teachers looking over you and ensuring you are going to all of your lessons, so you will need to very strict with yourself from the get go. Every session missed will be material that could come up in your exams or be required for top class coursework, so it goes without saying that university attendance is the key to a good degree.

It is no coincidence that the students who end up with the best degrees are the ones who attended all their lectures, even after student nights out so don’t make this one of your big student regrets.

Joining a Student Sports Club or Society

Many students go through their entire course without embracing one of the many clubs and societies available, and this is almost always a regret. As well as the obvious benefits of keeping you in shape throughout your degree, the main motivation for students joining a club is being part of community.

This will give you social events to look forward to and if you become captain or president, then this will only bolster your CV. So, don’t regret not becoming part of your student community and joining a student sports club or society, as you will get limited opportunity for this kind of thing once you enter the world of full time employment.

Getting the Social Balance Spot On

Another big regret for students, is not getting the social balance nailed down. Don’t go out enough and you run the risk of missing out on a lot of fun. Go out too much, and point one from this guide will be very difficult to achieve.

This is another instance where moving away for the first time and having no one to offer some university discipline can be tricky, so you will need to learn fast in order to get it spot on. Just ensure you are attending all of your lectures and turning up for your student job every time and you should be okay. You should be going out and enjoying yourself but just do your best to get the balance spot on.

Taking a Year Abroad

With many courses these days, a year abroad to study in a new culture or region is offered although not compulsory. This isn’t for everyone but many students who pass on the option live to regret it, particularly if they don’t get the chance to travel after university or through their full time job.

Going abroad as part of your degree, for example to Spain or Portugal, is not only great for your life experience but also enhances your CV so if you think this is something you would like to do, why not get it done as part of your course?



Give Your Course Your All

The final regret that many Collegiate residents tell us about, is simply not giving their all, particularly when things get a bit tough in the final year. You may have times when you think you chose the wrong course or lose interest, but this is natural and when student discipline is more important than ever.

Motivation for students is a big issue and there will inevitably be fluctuations during your three years or more of study. Keep working hard until the end and you will reap the benefits for the rest of you career. This is where you will learn much of your discipline skills and you will be able to take these into your full time job after you graduate.

Try not to make these mistakes and we are confident you will have minimal regrets after you finish your course. If you found this useful, you may also want to check out some of the other great student news guides we have here at Collegiate website. Enjoy!