We are pleased to announce that our award-winning accommodation is now available to book for the 2021/22 academic year!

After a particularly unpredictable year, we have made the decision to keep our bookings cycle the same as usual in order to keep a sense of normality. All of Collegiate’s accommodation is now open for virtual viewings and booking for the upcoming academic year.

girl at desk in student accommodation

31 cities to choose from 

In 2020 we introduced our new accommodation in Southampton, Portsmouth, Gloucester, Cheltenham,Sheffield, Nottingham, Coventry and Cambridge. Our student accommodation now covers a broad range of budgets and needs, from the cinema rooms and gyms available in Eclipse Cardiff to our essential spaces in UNIVERSE.CITY Gloucester.

Our stand-out accommodation, which includes 31 properties, offers living environments that enhance our residents’ wellbeing, support their studies and reflect their ambitions. Over 30,000 students to date have entrusted us to provide living spaces that make them feel at home.

As ever, our prices across our portfolio are all-inclusive – meaning you don’t have to worry about budgeting for WiFi, water bills, or electric each month. Just pay your rent and go!

person scanning keycard in student accommodation

Safe and secure accommodation

At Collegiate, we also know how important it is that students feel secure and protected in their accommodation. Our secure entry systems, a concierge service, and high-tech security measures mean that peace of mind comes as standard.

Students can feel safe with the latest secure electronic access into their accommodation, as well as CCTV and an intercom to monitor who is coming in and out of the building. All of our windows come equipped with restrictors to prevent them being opened too far to keep intruders out and to stop any accidental falls. We also take fire safety very seriously; with fire extinguishers, fire evacuation procedure notices as well as information on how to use the extinguishers on our notice boards around our properties, we’ve covered the bases.

people studying in student accommodation

Suited for postgraduates


Our spaces are also perfect for postgraduate and master’s students, as our self-contained studios are fully equipped with everything you need for individual studying. With large desk spaces, all-day access study areas equipped with plenty of charging stations, USB ports and great ambience, Collegiate is by no means only for undergrads.

people sat at shared table in student accommodation

You are our priority



Since the beginning of the pandemic, we have ensured that the safety of our tenants is the priority. We have revised our check-in process, digitising it so that it is COVID-19 secure, and kept our accommodation fully open and operational for students who could not, or did not want to, move back home.

We have moved all our events online and launched an online weekly wellness lunch with a mental health expert, as well as newsletters with tips on how to keep the COVID-19 blues at bay. We have since published a Guide to Freshers Week 2020, for new students who are uncertain about the restrictions and how that will impact their fresher’s experience.


If you would like to make an accommodation viewing, fill out our contact form here.