As the spiritual home of writers such as Mary Shelley and the seaside retreat of The Beatles when they were at the peak of their powers, there can be no denying the lure of Bournemouth for bohemians and intellectuals alike.

With a nationally acclaimed university and a student population which is becoming more diverse and vibrant all the time, it’s no surprise the area is emerging as one of the UK’s top academic regions. In the latest instalment of the Collegiate student advice section, we examine why you should most certainly be considering Bournemouth for your studies.

Because life’s a beach

There aren’t many university destinations that offer a beach, and Bournemouth’s probably the best you will find. A far cry from many of the UK’s dated seaside destinations, Bournemouth is certainly on the cosmopolitan side and from spring until the end of summer, you can enjoy the town’s great beaches whilst you study or relax. There are seven miles of golden beaches for you to enjoy in Bournemouth and they are award-winning, so if this is a lure for you, you’re in luck!

The United Kingdom’s best weather

One of the main reasons why Bournemouth’s beaches are so easy to maintain, is the weather the town is blessed with. In fact, the town has the best conditions in the country and even if you aren’t much of a beach goer, this has to be a great reason to consider the region for your studies. If the weather is the main thing you are looking for in your destination then you should perhaps consider leaving the UK, but Bournemouth’s probably your best bet here in the UK.


Surprising nightlife

Although Bournemouth probably isn’t the first name on most people’s lips when looking for a night out, we think you will actually be pleasantly surprised. Many believe Bournemouth to be one of the best nights out outside of the UK’s major destinations of London and Manchester. There are over 200 restaurants in the area, which tells its own story and many of these turn into great venues after hours.


Diverse student community

The aforementioned tourism is such that Bournemouth attracts students from all across the world, creating a multicultural community. Students from all across Europe and even the rest of the world are attracted to the region by the stunning beaches we have already discussed and this only goes to enhance the town even more and make it a great place to study for your degree.

Bournemouth’s parks & greenery

If you have grown up in quite an urban area, then you may well be looking for an academic destination that is green and a little less chaotic than you are used to at home. Well, Bournemouth is just that, it’s beaches being complimented by a range of gorgeous Victorian parks and rural settings. These can be perfect in the summer when you are looking for somewhere fresh and peaceful to read through some challenging texts of even write a chapter of your dissertation.

Excellent links to the south of England 

One of the most common reasons for students opting for Bournemouth, its links to some key areas of Southern England. The big one is, of course, our great capital, London, but there are many other beautiful parts of the country to discover. London is just two hours on the train but you may also want to explore other famous docks such as Portsmouth and the west country is just a few counties east and north. The Cotswolds for instance, are probably the most picturesque area you will find anywhere in the UK.

An excellent airport

If you are an international student considering Bournemouth or perhaps you love a good city break or beach holiday in the summer, then the town’s airport is excellent. In addition to the fact that it serves all of the major airports around the world, it’s also just 15 minutes from the University making it very easy to get to, even If your flight is at silly o’clock.

Bournemouth university

And last but not least is, of course, the University of Bournemouth. The actual university should be right at the top of your list of requirements and students simply love the facilities. Lecturers and range of courses on the south coast. You can read some reviews from recent alumni here and be sure to take a good look around the rest of their great website, but if you are looking for an institution that is as approachable and friendly and it is results-driven, then we think you will be suitably impressed!

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