Settling into uni means getting used to a whole new way of life, making new friends and (for most students) finding your feet in a new city. It’s an exciting time, but a time when you also need to fully commit to your studies, getting to grips with your course and the university learning style. As such, here are five top tips to help you settle in to your course.

1. Devote time to studying

Make sure you get off on the right foot with your course and your tutors by devoting time to studying. Get ahead with your reading if you can, so that you’re fully prepared to engage in discussion when attending seminars. Plan plenty of time for your essays and bear in mind that you’ll need to factor in visits to the library, so leaving it to the last minute isn’t a good idea.

2. Set your own pace

By now you’ll be fully aware of the differences of learning at uni in comparison with college and sixth form. Though it may go without saying, It’s important to know your own pace when it comes to researching, writing essays and preparing for exams so that you can be sure you have enough time to get everything done.

3. Find the perfect place to study

Finding the perfect study environment is easy to do at Collegiate, as all of our student apartments provide you with a peaceful home with your own desk, so you can study privately whenever you want. Many of our student accommodation properties, such as Woodside House in Glasgow, also feature study rooms that have been designed to provide you with the perfect environment in which to study in small groups.

4. Test your knowledge

When it comes to preparing for exams, testing your knowledge with someone else on your course can be a great idea. Find a quiet place to work together, such as your room or one of our fabulous study rooms, and ask each other questions. Take turns to answer and note down any areas that you struggle with. That way you’ll know what to focus on when revising.

5. Get the right work/life balance

Make sure that you leave time for relaxing and enjoying the university lifestyle, as well as for studying. Regular exercise is a great way to keep your mind alert, so opt for a student accommodation property like Plummer House in Newcastle with its own private gym. Enjoy your down time and you’ll find that you are in a better frame of mind to approach your studies.

With Collegiate you have the added advantage of access to our lifestyle services – you can arrange to have your apartment cleaned on a regular or ad hoc basis, so that you can devote even more of your precious time to studying. Remember that life is all about achieving the right balance, both at uni and beyond!

If you still haven’t booked your uni accommodation, check out Collegiate’s student accommodation around the UK. Book today, while there are still apartments available!

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