The trust was founded for two primary purposes:

  • To advance the education of young people for the public benefit by making awards to university students; and
  • To preserve and protect the physical and mental health among students and young people by making grants to facilitate the provision of counselling and support for such persons.


Together, we can really make a difference in helping students in higher education reach their full potential and help young adults at such a vulnerable time in their lives.

We will be partnering with Student Minds, the UK’s student mental health charity, to deliver a specific programme of activities that we have agreed with them.

“Student Minds work with students, service users, professionals and academics to develop new and innovative ways to improve the mental health of students.

We empower students and members of the university community to develop the knowledge, confidence and skills to look after their own mental health, support others, and create change, so that all in higher education can thrive.

Key to our approach is ensuring that young people have agency, whilst empowering the community around them to have the health literacy and tools to respond. We want to ensure students have access to timely, youth-friendly support and resources. We’re focused on prevention, ensuring that more young people learn how to build their own wellbeing toolkit. We train students and staff in universities across the UK to deliver student-led peer support programmes as well as research-driven campaigns and workshops. By working collaboratively across sectors, we share best practice and ensure that the student voice influences decisions about student mental health.”

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The Collegiate Charitable Trust is a Charity registered in England, Wales and Scotland – 1182251