Boutique Collection

The best of experiences

Our superior student accommodation in Reading delivers everything you need (and didn’t realise you needed), ensuring your university experience is enriched with the finer things in life. Find inspiration in our group and individual study rooms. At Collegiate New Century Place, everything has been designed down to the smallest detail – and finished to exacting standards.

Bookings now open for September 2018!
<strong>Dinner party</strong> room

Dinner party room

Private <strong>fitness suite</strong>

Private fitness suite

<strong>Residents'</strong> club lounge

Residents' club lounge

Quiet <strong>study rooms</strong>

Quiet study rooms

<strong>Laundry</strong> room

Laundry room

<strong>All-inclusive</strong> rents

All-inclusive rents

External <strong>sun terraces</strong>

External sun terraces

State-of-the-art <strong>security</strong>

State-of-the-art security

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