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Frequently asked questions

Facilities, location and accommodation are second to none at Pennine House and our friendly concierge staff are always on hand to help. But in the meantime, here are some of our frequently asked questions.

Bookings now open for September 2018!
Please take a look at the rents table for what is included in each room type.
  • All utilities - electric, gas and water - are included in the rent on a ‘fair usage allowance’ with hot water available 24-hours per day.  
  • Heaters are controlled individually by the tenants in their rooms.
  • High-speed internet and wifi throughout the building, including bedrooms and ethernet cable connection in bedrooms (Upgrades available)
  • Contents insurance through Endsleigh (Upgrades available)
  • Council Tax – students are exempt from paying council tax, however some councils may charge tenants out of term time, therefore the tenant is liable for any council tax charges that may be incurred. Please ensure you fill out a council tax exemption form.

Our laundry room machines are brand new, fully maintained and very simple to use. Machine availability is viewable on-line through the Circuit Laundry website    ( so you know when they are free to do your washing and when your wash has finished!  A top-up card is distributed with welcome packs and cards can be topped up in increments of £10 to the value of £80. The cost of the washing machines are £2.70 per wash and £1.20 for the dryer.

A flat-screen, 32 inch TV with 40 channels is provided in every apartment and studio.  For two bedroom apartments, the TV will be situated in the kitchen/lounge area. You will be responsible for purchasing a TV licence for this TV.  If you’ve brought your own TV, you’ll be pleased to hear that there’s a TV aerial point in your bedroom, but please note, you are responsible for providing your own TV licence.

Broadband and Wi-Fi is available throughout the building, 24 hours a day.  Wired connections are available via an Ethernet cable, supplied by the concierge team, and connected to the wall socket in your room – simply open your web browser and follow the instructions.  Upgrade options available - up to 100Mb/s. Internet services are provided by Ask4 who have a helpline to call should you have any issues with the set up of your internet. All this information will be provided in your welcome packs.

Please see ‘Rents’ for downloadable pricing schedule and dates.

Students will need to provide evidence of a UK based guarantor such as a family member or friend if they wih to pay in instalments.  Payments can then be made in three instalments – the first one of which must be paid ten days in advance of the start of the tenancy.

If students are unable to provide a UK based guarantor, payment will need to be paid a year in advance, in full at least 10 days prior to tenancy start dates.

A wide range of students will be living at Pennine House, including post-graduate students and international students from all over the world.

Yes, of course! Please let us have details at the time of booking (please include this information in the 'preferences' box) and we will always try and accommodate friends together.

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