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If I were to say that Dean Clarke Lofts is the epitome of one's home away from home, I wouldn't be exaggerating. Steeped in history, with high ceiling, a mezzanine and large windows in one of the most iconic parts of Exeter, my loft offered a mix of quintessential British charm and contemporary style. The moment I stepped through the door, I knew I had picked the right place. It simply had a good feel about it when walking in; and it is no less than a wonderful experience to move into a new space that actually and instantly feels yours.
The high standards of the loft and its first class city centre location were only topped up by the management at Dean Clarke’s. They were omnipresent and remarkably human in many ways. They went above and beyond to make sure everything was taken care of. The result was a combination of an attractive, functional, quality living space and a safe environment that didn't compromise privacy, well maintained and worry-free, shared with some of the most courteous and considerate co-residents one can wish for.


I once read a quote which stated that "the most memorable moments in life can only be summoned upon coincidences"; our most memorable year was spent in "The Dean Clarke Lofts" fulfilled with meeting new friends and colleague.  Finding such great accommodation with its level of comfort and coziness was a complete coincidence for us and we enjoyed every minute of it.  

Pouya Sadeghi Pour and Hanieh Bolourian

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