There has never been so much awareness around health and wellbeing and the value of a balanced lifestyle. Exercise was once just the domain of school children and professional athletes, but these days it has taken on a whole new aspect. Healthy living has become an enjoyable and important part of modern society, from hitting the gym together to swapping the latest recipes for superfood-packed suppers.

In 2016, the world of wellness will be shaped by five key trends, according to Louise Buxton, Programme Leader for the new Wellness Management degree at the University of Derby, one of the latest cities to host a new Collegiate Prestige Collection property, Roman House.

The year will see the emergence of:

  •  Workplace wellness culture, with wellness embedded into companies’ thinking (unis are taking the same approach)
  •  Middle Eastern wellness experiences – think sand massage tables and camel’s milk products
  •  Forest bathing – a delightfully poetic way to describe leaving the city behind and walking through woods/parkland
  •  Social fitness – from apps that share your workout stats on Facebook to local organised runs, the social element of fitness is going to boom in 2016
  •  Mass wellness, with governments looking to boost the health of their entire population through new initiatives

Of course, those of you already living in a Collegiate property have a distinct head-start when it comes to healthy living and keeping fit. Our fully equipped kitchens provide the perfect setting for you to cook delicious, healthy meals and defy the stereotype of the student surviving on a diet of baked beans and kebabs. Use your uni years to experiment in the kitchen and develop your taste for fabulous food – if you can develop a passion for cooking while at university, it will stick with you for life, giving you a strong foundation for a future of healthy eating.

Many Collegiate properties also include on-site gyms, for residents to use as often as they like, at no extra cost. So why not treat yourself to some camel’s milk skincare products and hit the gym with your fellow residents, to make sure you’re bang on trend for 2016?

Get a head start on healthy living and keeping fit – book your Collegiate student accommodation today!