The British Film Institute (BFI) presents the London Film Festival between the 8th and 19th October 2014.  Showcasing a variety of British and International films, it is the event of any film boffins calendar.

Great British Talent

Have you noticed that the Brits seem to be taking over Hollywood at the moment?  Nearly every blockbuster and American TV series seems to star one of our home-grown talents.

Not only are we the starring in front of the camera but we are also providing the expertise behind it; there is a new golden age in British cinema with major Hollywood blockbusters being filmed in our studios.  In July Warner Bros confirmed that it was expanding its already vast studio near Watford to build three state-of-the-art sound stages where they plan to film the Harry Potter spinoff, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.  And of course how could we forget that Star Wars: Episode VII is currently in production at Pinewood Studios.

What’s Hot?

So back to the London Film Festival which is hosting a variety of gala screenings across the capital.  Our hot picks are:

  • The Imitation Game.  The life of Alan Turing, the codebreaker who helped turn the tide of WWII yet was demonised following it, is explored in this stunning drama.
  • Fury.  David Ayer’s brilliant action drama tells the story of US soldiers and the demons they face down as they drive their tank through occupied Europe during WWII.
  • Foxcatcher.  A riveting, tense and unsettling exploration of the power of money and obsession from the acclaimed director of Capote and Moneyball.
  • Wild.  Reese Witherspoon impresses in this moving account of one woman’s attempt to hike the Pacific Crest Trail.
  • Testament of Youth.  Vera Brittain’s extraordinary life during WWI is explored in this magnificent period drama.

Full film and festival details can be found on the BFI LFF website.

Don’t worry if you are not based in London, these films will be coming to a cinema near you soon.

Are you sitting comfortably?

Another area where cinema is exploding in this country is home cinema rooms.  OK we know this does sound very ‘MTV Cribs’ but trust us, more and more everyday folk are transforming their attics, basements and bedrooms to create the ultimate cinema experience in their own homes.

Check out these beauties in London, Essex and Leeds!

Don’t think this is just for the rich and famous because we offer you the same experience in some of our Collegiate residences. So grab the popcorn and come and indulge in your own on-site home cinema just a few steps away from your apartment.