Throughout this article, Niall, a tem member at our student accommodation in Nottingham will walk you through everything you need to know about Nottingham Students’ Union and Freshers’ Week.

Both Universities in Nottingham have great Students’ Unions ran by previous students who are elected by current students. They’re really helpful throughout your time at university and run big events throughout the year, including weekly club events on Saturdays and huge events on the last day of every term (LDOT).


There are hundreds of student ran, Students’ Union-funded, Societies in Nottingham for you to join that give you extra interests outside of your regular studies. Whether you want to host your own radio show (Fly FM for NTU, URN for UON), or join one of the many sports teams and compete in Varsity (a yearly competition between both universities), or even become a member of the Green Party, Labour or Conservative debate teams – there really is a society for everyone.

To find out a bit more, make sure you attend the society fair that usually takes place at the beginning of the year, although it might be delayed this year due to COVID-19.


Ocean Wednesdays

Something else to be aware of if you’re studying in Nottingham is Ocean Wednesdays! Arguably one of the most exciting nights of the week if you love the student nightlife, Ocean Wednesdays have become famous across the country. Typically, each society (created by Nottingham Students’ Union) gets allocated a certain amount of tickets for their members, and each week will be a different fancy dress theme decided by society board members.

It usually begins with pre-drinks at around 6pm, followed by a bar crawl across some of Nottingham’s best venues, before making your way to Ocean at around 11 – so be prepared for a heavy one! Although, if you’re staying at our Nottingham Trent University accommodation, luckily, it’s only a short journey home.


Freshers’ Week

Usually, Freshers’ Week in Nottingham is jam packed with both day and night activities planned by the Students’ Union. This includes club nights each day of the week and sober events through the day so you still have a chance to get to know everyone if drinking and clubbing isn’t your scene.

Don’t worry though if it’s not all that exciting this year, due to COVID-19, as they always throw a Refreshers’ Week for those coming back to uni for their second or third year.



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