At Collegiate, we’re here to help. We’ve provided some fantastic apartments up and down the UK, like our Birmingham student accommodation at 800 Bristol Road, which is packed with features ranging from en-suite studios with fully equipped kitchens to a spacious common room and a private gym. And like our Melbourne Apartments student accommodation in Newcastle, which features an in-house cinema, private gym, dinner party room, games room and study rooms.

But we don’t just provide fabulous accommodation – we’re also on hand to help you out when it comes to furnishing your room and keeping it lovely and clean.

Heading off to uni can involve an awful lot of organising and packing. If those aren’t your favourite activities then why not let us help you out? With the Collegiate lifestyle packs you can take care of a wide range of household essentials without having to write so much as a single shopping list. From pillows to coathangers to wine glasses, we can offer all the essentials to help you settle in to your new student accommodation without a hitch. We can even include items like cushions, toiletries and a drinks maker for added luxury.

Of course, then there’s the cleaning to think about too. For many students, life at university will be their first experience of being solely responsible for a wide variety of household tasks. Outside of the parental home, chores like washing up, laundry and cleaning suddenly come into sharp focus like never before. But if you’re not quite ready to reach for the vacuum, don’t panic – help is at hand! We can provide a range of cleaning services to help keep your home shipshape. Vacuuming, dusting and cleaning your kitchen, shower and toilet are all tasks that we would be glad to assist with.

Email or call 01235 833 642 for further details or visit our lifestyle page to view a full list of how we can help.