On Tuesday 9 August, hundreds of thousands of students across Scotland will be waiting nervously for their Scottish qualification award (SQA) results. So what do you need to do to make sure you’re fully prepared?

SQA results 2016 – delivery

SQA results will be delivered by post on 9 August. They will also be sent by text and/or email to those who have registered with the MySQA service. The texts and emails will be sent from 8 am on 9 August, rather than from midnight, as was the case in previous years. If you haven’t already registered with MySQA, it’s too late to do so now for the 2016 results.

SQA results – getting ready

It’s a good idea to be up and ready when your exam results arrive. You may have a long day ahead, so be up and ready to face the world in plenty of time. That way, whether you’re confirming your choice of university, going through Clearing or booking your student accommodation, you’ll be among the first to do so.

Next steps

If you get the grades you need for your preferred university course, congratulations! If you don’t, there’s no need to despair. You may be in a position to accept your insurance offer, or you can go through the Clearing process to find a course that meets your needs.

It’s also sometimes possible to attend your first choice if you’ve only just missed out on the required grades.

If you’ve done better than you expected, then it may be possible to choose a better course than the one you had in mind, using the UCAS Track Adjustment process.

It’s a good idea to read up on both Clearing and Adjustment before your results arrive. That way, no matter what happens on 9 August, you’ll be ready to spring into action to secure your place at university.

Bag that student apartment!

Once you have your unconditional university offer sorted, it’s time to book your student accommodation. Hundreds of thousands of students across Scotland will be scrambling to find the perfect home for their first year at uni, so get ahead of the game and do your research early.

Whether you want a stylish studio in Dundee (in which case check out Marketgait Apartments), unrivalled facilities in Edinburgh (both Gateway Apartments and Buccleuch Street boast a private gym and on-site cinema) or luxurious living in Glasgow (opt for Woodside House for the gym and cinema combo, or  333 Bath Street to throw a residents’ club lounge and dinner party room into the mix as well), it’s best to book early. All of these properties benefit from superb on-site service, with a management team available to take care of everything from booking your taxis to arranging social events. Claremont House in Glasgow and McDonald Road in Edinburgh also benefit from excellent locations, if you want to be within easy walking distance of your uni as well as the city centre.

Remember to celebrate!

SQA results day can be intense. Whether or not you get the grades you’re hoping for, there will be a lot to do and the day is likely to be emotionally charged. Make sure you take some time out to celebrate your successes as part of the day!

Email tenants@collegiate-ac.com or call 01235 833 642 for further details.