Time flies when you’re having fun. Although the September term might seem a long way away at the moment, you’ll be surprised by how quickly it arrives. With competition for awesome student accommodation for the 2017/18 academic year already hotting up, if you haven’t yet booked your room you might miss out.

Whether you’re studying Chemistry in Cardiff, English in Exeter or Sport Science in Sheffield, the whirlwind of lectures, essays, exams and social engagements can easily distract from focusing on where you’re going to live in the autumn term. But those who don’t move fast may be at risk of losing their first choice of accommodation for 2017/18.

To make things easier, we’ve set up a quick and easy booking process via the Collegiate website. Simply log in to your account (you can easily create one if you don’t already have one) and then book a room at your chosen property. Pay your deposit and you’ve sealed the deal – and that’s it!

Booking your room for next year can be a great weight off – many students don’t realise how much not knowing where they’re going to be living can stress them out. That’s why we recommend dealing with it as early as possible, so that you can avoid the stressful last minute scramble to find a decent place to live. Do it soon and you can have your pick of the pile with it comes to student accommodation for 2017/18.

So whether you’re rebooking your existing Collegiate apartment for another year or looking to try out one of our fantastic properties that you’re not lived in before, now is the time for action!

For standout 2017 student accommodation around the UK , book now. We’re certain that you’ll be glad you did!

For further details, email tenants@collegiate-ac.com or call 01235 833 642.