The UK University Fair is the largest UK event of its kind for international students. This year, luxury student accommodation provider Collegiate is delighted to be one of the main sponsors of the London-based event. It means that we’ll be there to personally welcome you to this exciting and informative day.

More than 90 universities will be attending the UK University Fair, with the intention of helping you to find your perfect place. You can gather information and ask questions in order to help your decision-making process regarding your higher education in the UK. But that’s not all! There’ll also be plenty of seminars and presentations, covering everything from visa requirements to Oxbridge applications.

The UK University Fair 2015 will also offer more than 100 scholarships, so plan in advance which universities you’d most like to impress. The event website contains a list of all those that will be represented on the day.

The participating universities will also be ready to make on-the-spot offers to students who impress them, so be sure to have all your relevant documents with you if you plan to formally accept a place on the day. You can visit the SI-UK Education Council office in London for a free 40 minute consultation before the event to discuss this or any other aspect of preparing for the UK University Fair.

Of course, the most exciting part of the day for Collegiate will be getting to introduce our fabulous student accommodation options to you! We’re proud of our stylish, superior accommodation and look forward to sharing the full details of what we offer with you.

Our accommodation varies from building to building and city to city, but our commitment to luxurious living never changes. We include all sorts of fantastic features, from en-suite bathrooms and fully equipped kitchens to private gyms and cinema rooms.

Here at Collegiate we’re used to welcoming students from overseas to our UK accommodation. We understand that studying in the UK is a big step and we’re ready and waiting to help take accommodation off your list of things to worry about. We know that you’ll quickly feel at home in your new Collegiate accommodation and with free Wi-Fi and superfast broadband in every room, you can tell your family and friends at home all about how well you are settling in.

Come and speak to us on 7 November at the UK University Fair in London’s Lancaster London Hotel for further details.

For more information, visit, email or call 01235 833 642.