Marathon madness has London in its grip once more, as the city gears up for the annual London Marathon on Sunday 26 April. From Forbes to Runner’s World, the London Marathon is known for being one of the best running events in the world, drawing huge crowds along the length of the course to support those participating.

London is, quite simply, a stunning city. From ancient buildings to iconic architecture, interspersed with beautiful green spaces, it provides a fascinating backdrop for the marathon each year.

The 26.2 mile route runs from Blackheath, through Woolwich and Greenwich, past the Tower of London and the Isle of Dogs, to the Mall via London Bridge. It is a route packed with historic sites and plentiful places to partake of refreshments in between cheering on the runners.

Residents of Orchard Lisle and Iris Brook House will no doubt be particularly excited about the marathon, as the route runs almost past their doorsteps, bringing the excitement of one of the world’s major sporting events right to them.

Events such as the London Marathon are influential in encouraging individuals across the UK to focus more on exercise and healthy living. According to the Overseas Development Institute, 64% of adults in the UK are classed as overweight or obese, so the promotion of exercise is an important part of pushing towards a healthier society.

At Collegiate, we work to promote healthy living through the provision of gyms in all of our buildings where the design permits. We also provide fully equipped kitchens to ensure that our residents have the facilities to prepare themselves nutritious, home cooked meals.

We also like to locate our buildings in great places in each city, so that those residents who are keen runners are able to take in the best sights when they don their trainers, even if they haven’t quite got the stamina to cover a whole 26 miles!

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