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Healthcare in the UK

Where can you get help if you don’t feel well?

In the UK, non-emergencies are dealt with in a surgery by a doctor (a General Practitioner  or GP). You need to register with a doctor before you are treated, so you must do this within the first week of your arrival in the UK or at your new university town. You do not pay to register with or to consult with a doctor.  You can register with a GP by going to the doctor’s surgery. Names and addresses of doctors can be obtained from for England or (for Scotland).

If you’re feeling unwell you can get an appointment with a doctor or nurse at the university’s health centre. For out-of-hours health advice, you can call the NHS 24 on 08454 24 24 24 – but always get advice in person from a medical professional if anything persists or you’re worried at all.


Although dental treatment is available on the NHS, it is not always free.  You can choose which NHS dentist you want to be registered with (it does not need to be the dental practice closest to your residence), but you need to be registered with a dentist before you receive treatment from them. To find a list of NHS registered dentists see for England or Scotland)

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